Annuniqe Studio is a playful jewelry brand founded by me, Anna.  

I have been always a jewelry- enthusiast and this passion turned into a business.

Each handmade piece is created with a lot of care and love by myself at my home studio in Stockholm.

Annuniqe Studio is a fashion-forward label inspired by abstract art, street fashion, a mix of retro vibes and colors.

Following the motto "dress to express" the brand's mission is to show your unique style through jewelry.

In the shop, you can also find trendy classic pieces perfectly matching other designs.

   I am committed to maintaining the best service and quality for my customers. Along with this, I am dedicated to minimalize Annuniqe Studio's impact on the environment and providing recyclable paper packages that you can reuse where you can.

    Every piece is carefully made and consciously crafted to ensure that useless parts are recycled and materials from jewelry that didn’t sell are made into new ones.

  Annuniqe Studios jewelry is produced in small batches so make sure you get your favorite ASAP

Don’t forget to visit my Custom Shop tab where you can create personalized pieces for your unique style and personality.



       Thank you for supporting my one-woman business.